Experience unique content from all over the globe crafted to delight, challenge and inspire!


WHY subscribe to iBossTV VIP PASS? 

Experience & Enjoy Unique Content!  Experience films and content meticulously curated from the farthest corners of the globe, crafted to delight, challenge, and inspire.

Support Creative Independence: Subscribing to iBossTV's VIP PASS is a way to support independent filmmakers and creators. By subscribing, viewers are contributing to the continued growth of the independent filmmakers and creators and helping to ensure that independent filmmakers have a platform to showcase their work and brilliance.  


Support Our Youth & Communities: iBoss Entertainment is also proud to say that embedded in the vision of the company is building and supporting the youth in our communities through outreach.  By Subscribing you are helping iBoss Entertainment support local community programs and opportunities to foster young creatives!


Support Independent Innovation: The world of independent films and creators are continually growing but so are the challenges. iBoss Entertainment is continually innovating, boldly exploring and developing new avenues for independent filmmakers and creators to thrive.Membership includes access to an incredible catalog of videos and live events.

WHAT is iBossTV?

 iBoss stands for Independent Box Office Screening System (iBoss). iBossTV is provided by iBoss Entertainment who’s on a mission to empower creative independence. Visit www.iBossEntertainment.com  to learn more! 

iBossTV Celebrates not just independent creative content but independent filmmakers and creators around the globe with amazing and unique stories to tell!

WHO is iBossTV For?


  • Who love independent movies, series/web-series, documentaries, educational content and more!

  • Interested in discovering new and unique films and content

  • Film enthusiasts 

  • Knowledge Seekers

  • Individuals who prefer to support independent filmmakers & creators

  • Interested in diverse perspectives and representations that are not typically seen in mainstream

  • Fans of niches and genres like drama, romance, action, faith-based,  horror, thriller, sci-fi  and more as well as many other independent films which may not receive wide theatrical releases.


Independent filmmakers and creators who are looking to showcase their work!

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$60/Year (Save 2 months)

Unlimited Access – Get unlimited access to a library of independent feature films, short films, documentaries, series, web-series and more!

NO Ads - Enjoy ad-free viewing. No interruptions!

Event VIP Access - With an iBossTV VIP PASS, get access to events hosted by iBossTV

Special Discounts – Enjoy discounts on content that are only available for Rental or Purchases.  

Community - Be part of a community of film lovers and participate in virtual events and more!

Inside Scoop to being part of the iBossTV Community, get the behind-the-scenes content, interviews with filmmakers and get perspective on the creative brilliance of the content you’re watching!  

Empowering the Future - A portion of our proceeds goes towards building community outreach programs aimed at empowering youth and nurturing young creatives.

Join The iBossTV Community!

Are you a Filmmaker?

Accepting submissions!

We don't just celebrate independent films, we celebrate independent filmmakers! We are passionate about celebrating independent filmmakers and creators whether it be feature films, shorts films, web series, documentaries or various motion picture visual arts!

Join the iBossTV Community and lets thrive together!


Showcase your creative genius and submit your films, series, documentaries and more!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Watch

You can watch iBossTV the following ways

  1. Subscribe to iBossTV VIP PASS and enjoy unlimited access to a library of independent feature films, short films, documentaries, series, web-series and more! SEE PLANS HERE

  2. RENT - rent content for a period of time. BROWSE & WATCH

  3. PURCHASE - make a one-time purchase of content for permanent access. BROWSE & WATCH

Can I submit my films to iBossTV?

Yes! Earn Revenue with iBossTV iSRP Program!

iBossTV welcomes all independent creators to submit their films, Series, web series, documentaries etc..

You can visit our submission page for more information.

Where can I watch?

You can watch from anywhere at anytime! Just sign in to your iBossTV account and start watching instantly!

What devices does iBossTV Support?

iBossTV content can be watched on any device using web browser from your PC, Mac, Mobile phone or tablet/ipad, Smart TV etc.